Material scheme

  • Albedo - This is the map to color your material without shadows and. It's what you get if you stood in front of the object and make a photo in perfect conditions with polarizing filter.
  • Normal - This is a map of small and medium-size bumps. Larger bumps doing by displacements.
  • Metalic - this black/white map that defines areas on a texture set or material that behave like a metal (white) and do not (black).
  • Roughness - how smooth/rough your material is. A rougher surface gets wider and blurrier reflections, while a smooth surface gets focused and clear reflections.
  • Ambient occlusion - map specifies an extra shadowing factor of the surface and potentially surrounding geometry
  • Displacement - map of deformation. Usually used when the shape of the material is important.
  • Emission - used when the shape not only reflects light but also emitted it.