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Tile Sampler

Tile Sampler is useful for creating man-made procedural patterns, with additional control over certain parameters driven by external input maps.


  • Tiling - Amount of X and Y repetitions of the pattern. Default is [16, 16]
  • Blend - Blend mode for tiles onto background and each other.
  • Scale max - Sets global tile scale.
  • Displacement map - Map to drive tile displacement. R channel drives X displacement, G channel - Y displacement
  • Rotation map - Grayscale map to drive tile rotation.
  • Color map - Map to drive per-tile tinting.
  • Mask map - Mask slot used for hiding certain tiles.
  • Distribution map - Mask slot used to drive multiple custom pattern inputs.
  • Background - Optional background image.
  • Source 1-4 - Custom pattern image, used to fill the tiles.